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Hygienist services

Direct care 

The hygienist is available at our practice three days a week and you can access a hygienist appointment WITHOUT the need to visit the dentist first. Appointments can be included within the Denplan scheme or as private appointments. Jane, our hygienist can help you improve, manage and maintain your oral health. She is fantastic and will tailor treatments to suit your needs while providing the best support in sustaining great oral hygiene. Please ask at the reception if you would like to see our Hygienist. 

Please note Dental hygienists do not:

· restore teeth

· carry out pulp treatments

· adjust unrestored surfaces

· extract teet


Routine Scale and Polish (30 minutes) 



Intensive Scale and Polish (60 minutes)


Periodontal Treatment 

30 minutes - £90.00

60 minutes - £180.00

Air flow extra - £25.00

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