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Dental Treatments provided 
Dental Hygiene Aids

At Farlington Dental Practice we are able to offer a wide range of dental treatments to enable you to both maintain and improve your dental health. After your consultation with Dr Erfanmanesh your options will be discussed and a personalised treatment plan will be agreed.          

Routine Examination                                                     £45.00

                                                                            Child - £39.00 


Initial Consultation (including X-rays)                          £85.00


Emergency                                         Existing patient £150.00

                                                                 New patient £200.00

Extractions                                                            From £70.00



Amalagam                                                from £50.00 - £99.00

White composite fillings

                                          Front teeth  From £69.00 - £120.00

                                            Back teeth From £66.00 - £185.00



                         Post and core crowns from- £75.00 - £165.00

                    Tooth coloured crowns from - £500.00 - £600.00


Root Canal Treatment                       From £350.00 - £595.00



Full upper or lower acrylic per arch                            £595.00

Full acrylic denture upper and lower                          £750.00

Partial upper or lower chrome                                    £795.00

Partial upper or lower acrylic                                       £595.00

Conventional Bridge work per tooth                  From £70.00


Tooth whitening                                                           £300.00

We sell a range of oral hygiene products to our patients at the practice, please ask your dentist or hygienist to recommend the best ones for you.

TePe Brushes                                          

Wisdom Clean Between Brushes         

Glide Tape                                                 

Glide Floss Picks                                      

Oral B Superfloss                                    

Oral B Electric Interdental Heads      

Duraphat 2800 Toothpaste*              

Duraphat 5000 Toothpaste*              

Chlorhexidine Mouthwash                 

Genigel Mouthwash                             

Genigel Mouth Gel                                 

Corsodyl Mouth Gel                              

Wisdom Interspace Brush                   

TePe Implant Care Brushes                 


All of the above products are competitively priced, please ask at reception                                                

*Items also require a Dentists Prescription

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